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Teeth Extractions

Oral Surgical Care in Poulsbo, WA

Your oral health is a complex system supported by teeth, gums, and other soft tissues. In some cases, it is best for overall dental health to have our periodontist remove one of the teeth. Poulsbo Periodontics & Implant Center offers teeth extractions to patients in Poulsbo, Bainbridge Island, Silverdale, and all surrounding communities.

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Removing Unhealthy Teeth

The most common cause for an extraction is the failing health of the tooth.

Teeth can become infected by oral bacteria. These organisms produce acid as they feed on food particles, wearing down the structure of the teeth. This leads to cavities, internal decay, and eventual tooth loss. Additionally, a festering tooth can cause the infection to spread to other teeth or the soft and hard tissues that support them, leading to more extreme health concerns.

Normally, various restorative treatments from a general dentist can halt decay and save the tooth from loss. However, if repeated restoration cannot stop reinfection, then Dr. Wesley L. Hanson, our periodontist will have to perform a tooth extraction at our Poulsbo office.

Dr. Hanson can also coordinate this treatment with the immediate placement of an implant to replace the extracted tooth. One of the side effects of tooth loss is the shrinking of the jaw at the site of loss. Immediate placement prevents any bone tissue from being reabsorbed and gives you a brand-new tooth to replace the unhealthy one.

Making Room for Implants

There are some cases when a natural tooth must be removed in order to accommodate another dental treatment. This can happen in some orthodontic cases, but it may also be necessary for dental implants.

One of the many forms of implant care Poulsbo Periodontics & Implants Center provides is the all-on-four treatment concept. Essentially, a denture-like bridge is permanently affixed to the mouth by way of four implant posts. Your entire smile can be rebuilt through this treatment. However, all teeth must be out of the way to host the bridge. If you have lost most of your teeth but still have a couple left, removing them gives the implant-supported restoration enough room to successfully serve as your new smile. 

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If one or more teeth threaten your oral health in general, Dr. Hanson can remove it in a manner that protects your well-being. Poulsbo Periodontics & Implant Center provides teeth extractions in Poulsbo, serving families from our local community and all nearby areas. Call us and schedule an appointment today for more information about the variety of treatments we employ to protect your smile.  

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